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Strategic Advisory



Strategy and Governance


We help our clients identify and deal with the Big Things they face. We provide senior counsel for a variety of issues including corporate strategy, organizational development, acquisition and divestiture, and board governance. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients forming hands-on teams committed to successful outcomes.


Value-Creating Growth


Growth creates value. It seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? However, not all growth creates the desired value that leadership is seeking. Successful growth strategies create value in all areas that matter – – for customers, for employees, for the economy at large since growth creates jobs, and for investors by generating shareholder value. Of course winning the growth battle is tough. It requires creativity, focus, and deep organizational alignment to increase the odds of success.


Identifying The Big Things


Noise from tactical issues often crowds out discussion about the critical and strategic issues facing the company. To crystallize the search for answers, we help our clients identify and deal with the Big Things they face. If it’s big, it matters. If it matters, we help leadership focus the process of defining the desired outcome and the steps necessary to ensure success.




Reading the Tea Leaves


To paraphrase President Eisenhower, “If the President could operate with 20/20 hindsight a teenager could do the job.” Simply put it means the future is always uncertain and even the present can be murky. It is our role to bring an informed, but above-the-fray perspective into the decision-making process. As trusted advisers, our job is to dig into the facts and let the facts drive the issues. Often the real issues are buried in questions not asked or those that go unanswered. Our role is to read the “tea leaves” to gather information, identify the real issues and to help our clients deal with them.


CEO's Get Leverage from your Board


During an invitation-only event for 300 sitting board members on “Engaging the Board in the Strategic Dialogue”, a senior officer of a leading Executive Search firm offered the opinion that “The Board has no role in strategy. They don’t know enough to contribute”. That opinion is both disappointing and wrong from our perspective. To take on major strategic initiatives, the Board must be knowledgeable about the issues and supportive of management. Our role is to help our clients to engage their Boards in the most effective way possible to shape strategic initiatives for maximum business impact.