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Creating Opportunity



Opportunity Strategy & Oversight


Our goal is to help senior executives and boards of directors establish the rigor required to recognize, seize, and create opportunities, which could accelerate growth and stay one step ahead of disruptive start-ups and proven competitors.​



Create Opportunity or Stagnate


Our job is to help the enterprise be more capable and more effective than its best competitor when it comes to recognizing, selecting, developing and commercializing opportunity.  Opportunity might lie within the boundaries of a competitive strategy or it might be the genesis of a new one.  The bottom line is that growth is the superior strategy for creating value.  Do you know what your growth premium is?  We do!


The Role of Leadership


The role of leadership is to design the “opportunity game plan,” the overall, integrated approach to accomplish this job.  It involves gathering the necessary capabilities and processes, organizing them,  and making sure the job gets done.  The world is blessed with an abundance of tools, techniques, models, approaches for various forms of creativity, decision making, problem solving, resource allocation, culture shaping, and so forth. This is not where the gap is. The gap, in our experience, is the creation of the opportunity game plan, managing its effectiveness and fixing it when it goes off track.  Our role with management is to help design and establish an organization that is the “opportunity creation muscle” with the power and resilience to deliver opportunities for value creation.


Opportunity Management


Skillful Opportunity Management is central to the competitive success of an enterprise. If your company is not better than your best competitor at Opportunity Management, your market value will diminish and your shareholders will lose confidence.


The Board's Opportunity Role


The role of the board is to assure that management and the organization are up to the company’s ambitions and challenges and to lend appropriate input and insight.  True value-seeking boards take an active role in overseeing the enterprise’s “opportunity strategy” and balancing that with Risk Management.  Our role is to help Boards, CEO’s and senior executives balance the Risk/Opportunity scales and to ensure that strategies do not fail because of the inability to find opportunities and bring them to life.