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About Us



The Quality of our Team


Our partners and advisors are all highly experienced individuals with broad and deep business experience. We have built highly successful businesses in our own right and helped lead corporations to new heights of value creation. We continue to innovate and explore new ideas in management practices. This is the level of experience and knowledge needed to help companies drive success in their markets. The bottom line is that "experience and wisdom" counts.


How We Work with Clients


Our approach to working with clients is interactive and high touch; we invariably become part of the executive team. We immerse ourselves and work side by side with our clients to attack and solve the business challenges at hand and to help uncover relevant facts, issues and opportunities.


We Thrive on Challenges


We have all chosen to be a part of KMG because we truly love the work. We do it for the satisfaction of helping our clients grow. We live for the work, not just work to live.



The strategic theme that guides our work is accelerating growth


In our careers, as managers and as advisors to managers, we've learned the value of growing organizations. Growth delivers value for employees, who like to work where opportunity for advancement exists; for customers, who receive high levels of service and much higher rates of new product introductions; for communities, where expanding enterprises generate jobs and revenues for enhanced services; and for investors, who receive sharply higher returns. Our commitment to our clients is to measure our success by the financial and competitive success our clients achieve.


We work in teams


We've learned that the best ideas come from collaboration, from the interaction of different experiences and points of view. Our teams include KMG Partners and the client itself. By working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, we improve the likelihood that our recommendations for action will be understood, embraced and lead to the desired impact.  Our style is not to generate volumes of documents but rather to bring ideas and initiatives into the fabric of the client's processes and culture. We call this style "learning by doing" to distinguish it from the more common, ponderous style which generates fees for the consultant, rather than impact for the client.


We work with our clients on the Big Things they face


These can be purely strategic, such as a merger proposal or a new product development effort, financial, such as raising capital or executing work-outs, or organizational, such as the innovation process or cultural issues that disrupt progress. With the breadth and depth of our capability we can work on a wide range of big things for our clients. Further, we have strategic relationships with other organizations so if we see a need for additional subject matter expertise or more specific process knowledge we have trusted partners to whom we can turn.


Our client mix


Purposely it includes both younger, smaller organizations that need our assistance to reach the next level of scale and performance, as well as larger organizations that need to ratchet up their rate of value-creating growth. Working within both groups of clients gives us valuable perspectives to share. For example, from our younger clients we bring hands-on experience in acting rapidly and being flexible; from our larger clients we bring the value of effective processes that facilitate scale.


Our Team


Our Clients - We exist to serve you and the stakeholders you create value for.



Walter Kazmierczak - Founder and Managing Director


Mr. Kazmierczak has been pushing boundaries and driving change through thought leadership and technology transformation for more than 25 years. In strategic and management-oriented leadership during tenures at Fortune 500, Middle-market public and private corporations, and through KMG he owns a proven record of producing more than $2.3 billion in total shareholder return.


His success in developing and growing best-in-class B2C and B2B brands reflects his transparent leadership style aimed at build winning cultures that produce outstanding financial results. Within that context he his actively involved in the intersection of organizational social-impact strategy to drive consumer engagement and the positive societal outcomes achievable when businesses harness their power for good.


Walter completed post-grad work in finance and marketing at Wharton and Columbia, and holds an MBA in Finance from Suffolk University. His undergraduate degree is in Economics from Yale.



Gene Fisch Jr. – Director


Gene is an media industry entrepreneur, investment banker. and a highly respected economist with expertise in international business and M&A, receiving numerous national accolades, including recognition by the President of the United States for his Thesis on International Economic Regulation Reform, and citation by Asian news-media as one of the 1st businessmen to penetrate Mainland China and initiate strategic equity partnerships with the U.S.  His 20 year career includes fund development and equity research with Furman Selz where he was instrumental in the creation of Furman Selz Global Opportunity Hedge Fund, Paine Weber, and ING Barings.


He is the co-founder of FS Capital and founder of Aeris Inc., a high-end fashion management firm. Active in media and the arts, Gene produces and directs new TV shows, Broadway releases, concerts, and festivals. A triathlete and Ironman, he holds a BS in Business Economics from the State University of New York, an MBA in International Business from Adelphi University, and Masters of Engineering from MIT.


Gerald Wrynn, J.D.  - Director & General Counsel


Gerry is an expert in media & communications, real estate, and tax law. Active in legal circles, he is a member of the Probate and Trust Law Section of the American Bar Association and New York Bar Associations. He is also a frequent lecturer before numerous groups, corporations and associations regarding corporate taxation and estate planning. Gerry received his BS in Economics and J.D. from St. John's University. ​



Advisory Board


Tom Capasse

Tom is a principal and co-founder of Waterfall Asset Management, an SEC-registered specialist credit advisor focused on High Yield Asset Backed Security (ABS) and loan investments. Tom has 32 years of structured credit experience globally. He co-founded Merrill Lynch’s industry-leading ABS Group in the 1980s completing many first-time ABS issues, and purchased non-performing loans from the Resolution Trust Corporation. Tom subsequently managed structured credit Banking & Trading groups at Greenwich Capital, Nomura Securities, and Macquarie Securities. Tom began his career as a Fixed Income Analyst at Dean Witter and Bank of Boston and received a BA from Bowdoin College.


Matthew Ronsheim

Matt is a Senior Director at Enanta Pharmaceuticals, a leading research and development-focused biotechnology company. He brings over 20 years of experience working in the Bio Tech sector in senior roles with Merck, Cubist, and Forrest Labs. His broad end-to-end experience includes development and commercialization of novel therapeutics, Bio Tech M&A, regulatory filings in the US, EU and Latin American countries, and patents. Matt holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the university of New Hampshire.


Charles Rockwood

Charles is CEO of Affineon Digital Lighting a manufacturer of leading edge solutions in sustainable commercial energy and lighting solutions. He brings 20 years of M&A and corporate finance expertise to KMG. He began his career in Big 4 accounting, held C-suite positions at Fortune 5oo corporations, and led several private equity concerns. Charles received his BABS in Accounting and Finance from Suffolk University.


Michael J. Mazzone, J.D.

Michael is a Partner at Haynes and Boone, LLP and is licensed to practice in both Texas and Massachusetts as well as in all of the federal courts in Texas, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. He is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law and has tried numerous jury and non-jury cases in both state and federal court, frequently represents energy companies in environmental contamination, indemnity, and toxic tort cases, and has also handled appeals in a number of reported cases including a takings case that reached the United States Supreme Court. Michael is also an arbitrator and an advocate in arbitration matters. He has presided over numerous arbitration matters and, as a member of the American Arbitration Association's National Panel of Arbitrators, is regularly called on to preside over arbitrations. Michael received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina, attended graduate school at the University of Michigan, and obtained his law degree from Suffolk University Law School in Boston.